Strategic Alliances

Achee, Inc., has an affiliation with the Mothers Social Club, Ghanaian NGO that works with women and children. The Mothers Social Club is committed to the enhancement of the rights of women and children, women’s and children’s education, and women’s and children’s empowerment, while ensuring the rights of men. Achee-Benin ONG, is a nongovernmental organization in Benin that follows in the Vision and Mission of Achee. Achee-Benin takes direction from Achee, while also being its own organization.

The Benin Association of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut (Alliance Beninois de NY, NJ et CT), chaired by Mr. Benoit Sognonvi, is a friend to Achee, as is the Ga-adangme Kpee Association, a Ghanaian organization headquartered in New York City. Officers include President, Mr. Okine, Chairman and Secretary Mr. Oko Tetteh.

Achee has participated in events with Rob Wheeler’s organization, the Millennium People’s Assembly Network, and Rick Ulfik’s organization, We the People. Achee has also participated with the Society for Ethics and Meaning. The Millennium People’s Assembly Network is involved in establishing eco-environments globally.

Via the Spiritual Caucus-UN and the Internet, the Achee chair is acquainted with the Findhorn Foundation Community. Various members of Findhorn are willing to help out Achee. The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE), headed by Dr. Michofsky, specializes in state-of-the-art clean energy sources. The Achee Chair is a member of this organization.

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