Board of Directors

Audrye S. Arbe

Audrye is an energized activated visionary-manifestor, living the experience of eternality to her best ability.  Achee grew out of Audre-y's vision and heart, stemming from her first journey to Africa in the 1980's with her then-little daughter.  Dedicated to love and acceptance/transformation of self, others and the planet, Audre-y in 2000 was instooled as Nana Aboagye Antwi I or Queen Mother of Progress for Young Women and Girls in Akim Anyinase, Ghana, now Achee's adopted village.  Akim Anyinase and other villages are in discussions about becoming ecological or eco-villages.  As Co-President of Achee-Benin ONG, Audre-y delightedly maintains communication with our friends and associates in Benin.

     A born intuitive with an enhanced mentality, Audre-y has always been able to sense and "know" things about people, the world and life.   A natural metaphysician and mystic, Audre-y is also spiritually ordained and initiated in various paths, including the Tao.  She can perform all spiritual ceremonies, including marriage, in New York.  A psychic channel, Audre-y does energy Light healings using her own technique, as well as her wisdom and ability as a Reiki Master, Access Energy practitioner, shaman.  A spiritual counselor-therapist, Audre sees clients and has conducted seminars in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. A charismatic Speaker/Presenter at many expos, Audre-y's lectures are interactive, fun and energizing.

     An "Inspiration" award-winning access TV producer at the 1998 Alliance for Community Media's Hometown Video Festival "From Vision to Reality," Audre-y's  current show, "Aurora Borealis & Achee With Audre-y," is live in Manhattan on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. on TimeWarner/AOLTV's Channel 56 or on RCN's Channel 88 or 108.  Catch it globally on the World Wide Web by logging on to at your local time that is exactly the same as 7:30 p.m. Manhattan time, then click on 56 for Channel 56, and voila!  MIME capability may be required.  This show combines the best of Achee's participation in Africa with up-to-the-minute invigorating information and guests on ecology, wellness, and spirituality.  Great music is always played.   Audre-y is taking steps to having an hourlong international cable show that entertains, informs and catalyzes.

     "A Healer's Heart: A Potpourri of Humanity" (maybe Hu-wo-manity) is Audre-y's book.  She is open to great methods of publication.   A poet and writer, Audre-y writes both from her own words and guided information that is ever-present.   The connection with higher dimensions is easily accessible when one allows it.   This is an experience of the soul, heart and body.      

     A great lover of music, especially jazz, African and Caribbean, Audre-y can be found at parks and festivals, dancing and celebrating life.   Involved in movements that enhance life everywhere, Audre-y goes to Washington, participates with the Spiritual Caucus of the UN, is a member of the Communication Coordination Committee of the UN
(CCC-UN), the Society of Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT) at the UN, and We The People, as well as many peace and ecological organizations. 

     Ever involved in her own internal-external growth, Audre-y lives a multicultural life, preferring the sunny climes where pineapple, coconut, mango thrive.  Fine-tuning her Spanish and French, Audre-y considers one of her greatest treasure to be her beloved daughter Alana.  Exuberant, sensitive, and spontaneous, Audre-y is living her dreams.  Dance the journey of life and participate in the wonder of being alive, as we all explore the boundless possibilities of being, doing and having.  It is a most exciting time/matrix to be around!  

    Audre-y invites YOUR presence and contribution, as client, philanthropist, colleague, volunteer.  Now is the time.  Thank you and many blessings!!!



Sandra Brevett-Dib, Vice President



Katie Weaver, Acting Secretary-Treasurer


Circle of Consultants

Mashood Issaka

A citizen of Ghana, where he was a government official working with NGO’s and community development, Mashood is in New York, attending the graduate program in international development at Columbia University. Well versed in and knowing the needs and abilities of Africans, particularly Ghanaians, Mashood also speaks several African languages. Because of his outstanding achievements and cumulative grade point average, Mashood looks forward to receiving a scholarship and/or grant from Columbia University. 

Lygia Maciel de Castro

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lygia is a Native Tupi/Guarani,Taino with European and other ancestry.   A 12th generation of Elder Medicine Women descendant, Lygia knew from early childhood how precious life is and how important it is to respect all living things on Earth, recognizing that we are all part of the greater universal rainbow of life, so vast and different, and yet, so similar and alike.   She is a ceremonial leader and teacher.

     Since the age of 3, Lygia has been able to read gem stones.   A "Daughter of the Saints" in the ancient traditions of Africa, she was also accepted into the Circle of North American Elders Cherokee Seven Generations at the Sunray Community by the Healer Elder Dyani Wahoo in Vermont in the 1990s. 

     A participant in numerous international programs with Loyola University in New Orleans since 1968, Lygia was involved with the HBO production of the Great American Ghost Tour about major spiritual events across the U.S.   The Assistant Director for "Black Medea" adapted from Euripedes in the first Spoleto USA Festival in 1977, Lygia also does readings and performances internationally.   She has organized sacred journeys throught the world, including to China, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil and Africa.   Lygia speaks seven languages.

     With other Light Workers, she teaches Circle of Sacred Dances called "PanEurhythmy" globally to bring peace, joy and harmony to humanity and the planet.   Every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Manhattan, join the PanEurhythmy circle dance at 72nd Street west of Bethesda Fountain at Sherry Hill in Central Park.


Dr. Tina Yacona M.S.W., M.D.

As a medical doctor and certified clinical social worker, Dr. Yacona has more than 20 years of experience working in hospitals and clinics in outpatient and inpatient facilities from emergency rooms to pediatrics to oncology and other medical specialties. She has had a private practice as a psychotherapist, working with adults, adolescents, children, support groups and family therapy.

Dr. Yacona is a adjunct professor at the Harid Conservatory of music at Lynn University, as well as well as a private voice teacher and coach. Formerly an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University in the Health Sciences Department, she is interested in health and well-being that encompasses many diverse areas of expertise, from sound healing, communications skills, preventive medicine, alternative health and mind-body connection to the spiritual ramifications of human thought patterns.

Dr. Yacona’s ample talents include dress-making and hand analysis. A singer, Dr. Yacona has performed at New York cabarets and other venues. A consummate musician who plays both piano and guitar, she also composes music and writes songs.

Rosa Simon

A full-time honors student on full Presidential Scholarship, Rosa attends Long Island University. Fluent in Spanish and English, thanks to her Cuban roots, Rosa is interested in pursuing advanced degrees that would permit her to work with Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the U.S. to enhance the quality of life wherever she placed herself. A tutor to other students, Rosa maintains excellent academic credentials, including being on Dean’s List.

     A grants writer, Rosa has helped several organizations, including healing centers in Brooklyn, obtain financing. A previous Emergency Medical Corps worker, Rosa has helped save lives that might otherwise have been lost and knows how to handle herself in challenging circumstances. This has enhanced her already strong compassion.

     Astute and well-informed politically, Rosa prefers peace and negotiation as methods of solving family and world issues. She advises that greater communication and interchange is needed between people of different cultures and backgrounds to help eliminate some of the difficulties on the Earth. Rosa is preparing herself to be a greater part of the solution, and thanks all those who have encouraged her in opening the way for this to occur.




Achee-Benin ONG Bureau/Board of Directors,

Savalou, Republic of Benin


Audre-y S. Arbe, Co-President

Pamphile Sossou, Co-Founder/Co-President

Nathalie de Chacus, First Vice President

Antoine Catraye, Second Vice President

Theodule Hounsa, Third Vice President

Abdel Kader Toholin, Co-Founder/Secretary

Emma Victoire Gandicbe, Co-Founder/Treasurer



Mothers Social Club Board of Directors

Accra, Ghana


Joana Adjei, National President

Julia Alexandra Acquaah, National Vice President

Leticia Okrah, National Secretary

Nana Amaning Opintang II (Louis Aboagye-Donkor), Public Relations

Pearl Acheampong, Membership

Nana Yaa Abedu

Georgina Boadu

Comfort Adjei

Leticia Okrah

Helena Ayesu


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