Development Strategy

In 2002, we are returning to Africa to begin seminars in both Benin and Ghana. Some of the seminars we plan to hold include AIDS Prevention, Ecological Recycling, Vegetarianism and Nutrition, Eradicating Female Genital Circumcision (with the cooperation of Benin NGO Dignite Feminine), Ways of Expressing Spirituality, Family Planning, Reiki and Healing, Hypnotherapy, Micro-Business Management, Yoga and Health, Peaceful Conflict Resolution, and more.

We look forward in 2002 to beginning the process of obtaining United Nations (UN) NGO status for Achee, receiving UN accreditation for Achee-Benin ONG.

The construction on the property of Achee Light Center will begin also in year 2002 by creating a lake on the property, and, with the trees taken from that site, constructing a "living fence" around the perimeter of the property, supplemented with a nonflammable fence, also leaving an appropriate walkway for Benin residents to traverse. Further, we intend building the Director's Domicile as well as the Transformational Peace Center, which we envision as being donut-shaped with round rooms, with a center fountain and garden. The Transformation Center will include healings, seminars, herbology, holistic practices, consultations, AIDS prevention and education, and other activities, both ancient and avant-garde, from Africa, the Americas, Asia and other cultures. We see these being built in 2003.

Other structures include a circular rotating Theater-in-the-Round for cultural, educational and artistic performances; a Nutrition-Dining Center where vegetarian cuisine, both raw and cooked is taught and served, a Research Center, where the mysteries of existence can be explored; and the ALL, the Achee Lending Library of books, tapes, CDís. Residence and communal spaces will include Dome Dormitories of natural and ecologically sustainable building materials; a Teepee Village area and Sacred Ceremony Spaces where diverse forms of spiritual worship can be practiced that are life-enhancing and in alignment with our Mission Statement. The setting will be a beautiful, natural terrain with flowering and fruit trees, a multitude of plants, rocks and minerals, a peaceful man-made lake, and a "living tree fence" around the perimeter of the Achee land. We see this in place by 2004 and 2005.

In Ghana, for 2002, we intend to fulfill on our promise to Akim Anyinase to help construct the Technical Institute for Women and an Herbal Clinic, first by speaking with local as well as other architects and planners and having a blueprint for construction. In 2003, with these plans in place, we intend to build and bring to the community electricity and drainage, using clean energy, such as solar or biogas.

Fund-raisers as well as volunteers are targeted for helping us. This is to be in place by the end of 2002. Methods of bringing forth ample funding includes philanthropic contribution, grants, events that garner sizable donations, people giving over the Internet. Enrolling the participation of the communities in which we are located can involve micro-businesses under the umbrella Achee that include marketing clothing, music, art, jewelry and food-stuffs, which benefits all the Africans involved, Achee and those purchasing these goods and services worldwide. Finances always arrive for ventures that bring good to the planet.


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