Financial Plan
  • Achee enjoys an established track record of excellent seminars and Manifesting Visions Dinners in New York. This holds true for the 1999 Achee Gala Benefit. The community’s expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous.
  • We intend to do seminars of value to the community in Benin at the ACHEE LIGHT CENTER, providing humanitarian service to local residents, as well as global visitors.
  • We plan to have a fence built around the perimeter of the Achee property in November-December 2002.
  • We plan to be in Benin and Ghana in October 2002, to hold discussions with architects, builders, local officials for building ordinances. We intent to get more detailed financial figures for the School for Women and the Herbal Clinic in Akim Anyinase, Ghana, as well as the costs for electricity and drainage provided by solar power. We also intent to get more detailed financial figures for the lake on the Achee property in Benin at Doissa, as well as figures for constructing the lake, Transformational Center, Director’s Domicile, Dome Dorms, Rotating Theater-in-the-Round, gardens, trees, pathways from the road, parking facilities off the road, as well as other facts and figures.
  • The initial capital required is $75,000. We require additional investments of $250,000, $250,000, $250,000, in addition to amounts to be determined once we are in Benin and Ghana.
  • Eco-tourism journeys to Benin and Ghana, where journeyers have the opportunity to stay in the actual village, living as the residents do, as well as at more luxurious homes in both Ghana and Benin, getting a taste of the variety of ways Beninians and Ghanaians live. We plan to have this start in October 2002.

Currently the Achee development team and Achee board of directors are reviewing and rewriting our Financial Plan for year 2002 to 2007, Capital Requirements and our Payback Strategy. We plan to have a working prototype of this Financial Plan by September 2002.

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