Achee (adapted from the Yoruba word, ashe, ache’ or axe): The Creator’s blessings, bounty, love. The very energy of life. The benediction said after every prayer. The name of a nonprofit tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization with the mission to cause global peace, transformation and sustainability via creating cultural and transformational Pocket of Peace holistic activity community centers and ecological environments worldwide.

Adopted village: A village that has a special relationship with a person or organization, such that the person or organization represents that village and takes actions designed to be of help and support to the village and villagers, for everyone’s highest good, with free will for everyone.

Community Based Organization (CBO): Another term for nonprofit tax-exempt 501 (c )(3) organizations.

Community centers: An environment or space of use to the community, whether it is for a small organization or an international group . This can consist of small areas for the use of specific individuals, or it can include mega-spaces for the use of thousands.

Eco-villages: Villages that have energy, fuel, structure and organization that creates ecological sustainability, and is compatible with people, the village, and the planet.

Ecological environment (abbreviated as eco-environments): An environment of any kind that is harmonious and sustains life for anything that lives in the Earth domain. This has to do with using holistic energy sources, eating healthful food, wearing natural fabrics, doing productive and positive work, having healthful emotional relationships, having productive mental patterns, having strong balanced body and physical health and well- being, having healthful spiritual practices. This environment can be a human being, a town, village, city, state, country, hemisphere, planet, work place, home, anything.

Ecological sustainability: Healthfully maintaining the planet’s environmental and ecological well-being, including the air, water, land, plants, animals, populations of everything for many generations, at least seven, into the future. Being of benefit to planet, people, animals, air, water, land, with the understanding and realization that everything is connected. Thus, the well-being of any aspect of the eco-system benefits everything. An awareness of the interconnectedness of the entire eco-system, and how distortions in any area affect other areas, including humans. This gives rise to the realization that of any area of the eco-system is harmed, it harms the other areas, including human beings.

Ghana: A country in West Africa where people speak English, as well as Twi, Ga.

Holistic activity: Seminars, classes, activities, processes that are beneficial to participants, the planet, and everyone involved in a body, mind, emotion, spiritual manner. Something that is for the highest good of people, the Universe, and everyone concerned.

Nongovernmental organization (NGO): An organization founded for a particular purpose, unaffiliated to government. It can be affiliated with the United Nations (UN), or it may be unaffiliated with the UN.

Nonprofit tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization: An organization that fits under a specific category of the Internal Revenue Service, such that it has a specific mission and can do activities and collect finances to further that mission, such that all contributions of any kind to this organization are fully tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. These organizations are allowed to have profits to further their missions.

Pocket of Peace: Environments, centers, and areas of peace, that teach peace, that propagate peace, that are peace, demonstrating and being the paradigm of peace. This can be human beings, classes, programs, and centers. For us, it includes individuals, and all activities we create, produce and support, as well as our intended Achee Light Center.

The Republic of Benin: A democratic country in West Africa where the national language is French and Fon.

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