Vision and Mission

Achee's mission is to cause global transformation, peace and sustainability via developing Pocket of Peace holistic cultural activity centers and ecological environments worldwide. Our goal involves honoring and empowering the Earth and all life. To this end, we advocate advancement of continuing transformation, well-being and creativity, including music and art, by and for everyone, in Pockets of Peace: communities and/or environments of people of various beliefs who choose these objectives with sustainable and respectful attitudes to others and the environment. Our programs are designed to expand human awareness, enhance communication, create sustainability, and explore the holistic, interconnectedness of life. This is our commitment to human and planetary well-being.

In alignment with our Mission and Vision, Achee intends to construct a framework that enables us to:

  • Create seminars valuable to the community
  • Design classes that attract people from all parts of the world
  • Create a fund that enhances the economics of the community, i.e. for music, clothing design, food preparation and marketing
  • Become a beacon of light that attracts international travelers for rest, renewal and rejuvenation

Core Values of Achee:

  • Nurturance and empowerment of women and children, as well as men

  • Ecological sustainability, both in small communities/environments and the planet

  • Enhancement of local and global culture in music, art, dance, joy as integral to life

  • Awareness of an organic vegetarian lifestyle choice for human/planetary health and longevity

  • Global and local population awareness and conscious child conception

  • Economic education and financial opportunity towards abundance for everyone

  • Encouragement and potential of spiritual development for everyone with respect for all practices and beliefs that honor people and the planet

  • Peaceful conflict resolution in families, localities, and the world

  • Health and well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually for people and the planet locally and globally

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