Management Team

Executive Director/President

Audre-y S. Arbe

Audre-yís strength as the leader of Acheeís Management/Development Team consist of her ability to inspire and motivate people to take amazing actions leading to success. She took various leadership roles in Landmark Education Corporationís yearlong Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP). She was TMLP Promise Holder, holding people accountable to fulfill on their promises for projects in their lives. Under her guidance, with grace and ease, she caused the teamís effective rate to rise 18% in this category, the highest rate of success in years.

As the producer/host of her first pioneering access TV show, "Aurora Borealis With Audre," and her second show, "Aurora Borealis & Achee With Audre-y," Audre-y has been on the air for 11 years, winning awards and garnering praise from the media community and viewers. A self-supporting single mother, Audre-y is extremely honored by her daughter, who was awarded three scholarships and has been inducted in four national honor societies, with a cumulative 3.7 GPA.

Adaptable and aware of what is required in diverse circumstances, Audre-yís professional background encompasses: news and managing editor of business magazines, computer systems analyst, English teacher, freelance writer and editor, seminar leader, lecturer and TV producer/host. A member of CCC-UN (Communications Coordination Committee-UN), SEAT (Society for enlightenment and Transformation), IANSA and the Spiritual Caucus-UN, Audre-y has access to international thought and viewpoints.

A strategic brilliant thinker, self-motivated, and internally organized, Audre-y brings these talents to every enterprise with which she is involved. Gifted in logic, intuition and communication, Audre-y brings these talents to Achee, such as through writing most of the Achee web site. Creative with finances, Audre-y welcomes generous funding, enhanced teamwork and the opportunity to cooperatively create transformational centers and eco-villages that benefit the entire planet.

The Chairperson of Acheeís Board of Directors functions as the Executive Director/President of Acheeís Management/Development Team. The Achee Board of Directors also handles Management/Development responsibilities as appropriate. Achee requires and intends an architect, finance person, fund-raiser, accountant, and lawyer to complete our team by September 2002.

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