Marketing Plan

Achee goes out into the world via the media, Internet, sacred journey. Achee’s marketing strategy is to enhance and support our story by utilizing the following media and methods to drive our message home to people worldwide.

Promotion and Public Relations

  • Achee recognizes the key to success requires extensive promotion done on a wide scale. To accomplish our goals, we require an extremely capable and effective public relations firm that understands and supports our purpose.
  • We are developing a promotion campaign built around the possibility of what Achee offers the world –- personal and global transformation and ecological and population sustainability. This includes depicting the intent of the Achee Light Center in Doissa, Republic of Benin, West Africa, the creation of an eco-village at Akim Anyinase, Ghana, also in West Africa, and Achee Activities in New York. We begin with our Mission and Vision statement. This is reinforced in our web site and with brochures and a press kit.
  • Our promotional materials will make clear how Achee and our Mission-Vision benefits every person on the planet.
  • Samples of these materials will be included in the SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS in the near future.

Future Plans Plus Promotion and Public Relations

  • Debut Opening Gala of the Achee Light Center on a sacred date with incredible music, performance and vegetarian cuisine. 2005/2006
  • Announcements of the opening of the Achee Light Center on TV, magazines, radio and other media in the U.S., the UN, Europe, Benin, Ghana, other African countries, Australia, South America, Canada, as well as in the Internet and via our linkages and global linkages of organizations and individuals.
  • Documentary Phase III completed, as well as videos of the entire experience, and available for purchase/screening.
  • Hire staff, including teachers, presenters, cleaning, cooking, administration, computer, everything.
  • Collaborate with other transformation-ecological- Light-art-music-peace centers in creating global shifts.


The Internet

  • Achee’s Web Site,, provides the opportunity to present ACHEE LIGHT CENTER and ECO-VILLAGE development plan to the maximum of effectiveness.

  • The Achee Web Site is slated to be translated into French and Spanish, as well as Fon, Ga and Twi.

  • Achee has an extensive Address Book mailing list of people, all of whom are potential supporters of Achee Activities.

The Base of Operations

  • Achee Headquarters are in New York City. We are open to volunteers, interns, and members in the Achee organization.

  • Achee-Benin ONG headquarters are in Savalou, with offices in Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

  • Donation of Equipment such as computers, printers, scanners, laptops, copiers, faxes, video cameras, digital cameras are welcomed, both in the U.S., Benin and Ghana.


  • "Aurora Borealis & Achee With Audre-y" every week promotes Achee, providing up-to-date information and announcements.

  • Guest appearances on public access television are being formulated now.

  • As Achee progresses, guest appearances are being sought on network and cable television talk shows.

  • When "A Healer’s Heart: A Potpourri of Humanity" ("AHH"), by Audre-y S. Arbe, is published, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is to host a book-signing event, that will be documented via video tape and shown on television. "AHH" has a section specifically on Achee, and a portion of the profit of this book is targeted for Achee.

Mailing Lists

  • Much mailing has been done via the Internet

  • Communication is being fully established with our affiliates in Benin and Ghana.


  • Achee plans our own newsletter, "POP-Up!" ("Pockets of Peace-Up") either via Internet or hard copy in which we update people on Achee and have writer contributors.

Press release

  • Achee sends regular press release to our strategic alliance partners and all press media include TV stations, Radio stations and newspaper groups.


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