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Achee Fun-d-ing Gala Program 

Friday, July 12, 2002     8-11 pm

343 8th Avenue, Co-op Community Room, Manhattan 

I thank Creation and my parents Ethel and Louis for my life.  I thank my daughter Alana for being born to me, and Art for his participation.  I thank my sister Carole for her support.  I thank each and every one who brought this event to you, ALL of whom donated their talents and services!  Thank you and Many Blessings, my amazing friends, family, clients, teachers, peers, producers, psychics, Light Holders, musicians, journeyers on the path, loves, writers, seminar associates, Achee, NGO’s, UN buddies, shamans, cats, Nature, all for being there in my life from everywhere!  What a birthday gift!!!   Regarding Achee, now is the time for miracles.  One in All, All in One.   Share and live from our hearts. 

Mistresses of Ceremonies:  Peekoo Ashley and Annette Neysmith 

Greeters:  Aisha and Rosa Simon

Dance DJ:  Music for the Masses’ DJ Neva  

Musicians: Emperor Adichie

                James Cannings

                Jeanpaolo Biagi  

Photographer: Stephanie Tracy   

Videography: Juice of New York TV Media, including Joseph Upshur, “B” Mack, W. Sharif (“More Fire”) 

Sound system: "Dr." Don Jacobs of Sound Systems for a Changing World 

Achee Board of Directors:  Lygia Maciel de Castro (Secretary-Treasurer), Rosa Simon, Jolene Wu and Atim Annette Oton

Food Impressaria: Lygia Maciel de Castro

Beverages Donated By:  Whole Foods Market of Chelsea 

Brochure and Program Design: Andrea vonBujdoss 

New website (with photos galore – keep checking at www.achee.org):  Jolene Wu 

Decor:  Ellen, Achee Women of Wisdom, Andrea vonBujdoss 


Copyright 2002: Achee Light Center
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.