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Our Manifesting Visions Dinners continued, with such speakers and topics as

Karmen Spiegel, Co-Founder/President, Turiya Foundation, "Children of the Andes and Compasion in Fashion"

Pamela Kraft, Executive Director, Tribal Link Foundation, "How to Be Effective in the World and Incorporate the Vital Message of Indigenous Peoples"

Dr. Delois Blakely, President, New Futures Foundation, "Cultures of Peace in the World"

Ryphon G. Gray, Founder/President, Forces in Nature, LLC, "21st Century Energy   Living -- Free of the Toxic Grid"

Tapasvaji, Mantra Spiritual Healer, "Mantra Therapy" and demonstrations

Nancy Jakubowyc, Founder/President, Without Borders, "Building a School in the village of Ho, Ghana"

Walt F. J. Goodridge, Author/Seminar Leader, "Turn Your Passion Into Profit" 

Preston Johnson, Founder, "Prosperity World."

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