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There have been many growth changes in Achee in the past year.   We are thankful we are all healthy and well, and we send our love to the world with peace.

      The Achee Women of Wisdom (WOW) Board of Directors has been shifting, and is in a growth mode.   Dr. Tina Yacona, one of our co-Founders, has left the Board, due to family and personal endeavors.   We expect to report next year that Dr. Yacona is a board-certified medical doctor.  Achee temporarily amended the Bylaws to permit men to enter the Board, as we welcomed Mr. Mashood Issaka from Ghana, who had worked with NGOs in his country, and is a graduate student at Columbia University.   We were also pleased to welcome Ms. Njamen Sylvie P. Yonke from Cameroun, who has been active with many organizations in the arts and African culture.   Due to the exigencies and circumstances of each of their individual lives, both Mr. Issaka and Ms. Yonke resigned from the Board after several months.  Though saddened to lose all three of these wonderful people, we bless them and wish them well in all their pursuits.

     We re-amended our Bylaws, and are again committed to having our WOW Board up to capacity of seven brilliant, dedicated, open-hearted women of diverse cultures and backgrounds to inspire and move Achee forward.  We are well on the way to accomplishing this with our new Board.  

     We take great pleasure in announcing the Achee Board.  We proudly welcome and introduce Ms. Lygia Maciel de Castro from Brazil.  Ms. Maciel de Castro, a travel agent, healer, and ceremonial leader/teacher, who speaks eight languages, is now our Secretary/Treasurer. 

     We are thrilled to welcome and introduce Ms. Jolene Wu, who was born in Taiwan, to the Board.  The talented Ms. Wu is a business consultant as well as web designer and host.  She is also a Reiki Master, Feng Shui expert and editor.  She is the co-editor of the Achee Development Plan and the Achee website.

     With great wonder and happiness, we also welcome and introduce the dedicated Ms. Atim Annette Oton, born in Nigeria, educated in Great Britain and the U.S., to the Board.  Ms. Oton includes Nigerian and Jamaican influences in her background.  An ecologically attuned architect, Ms. Oton is familiar with conditions in Africa. 

     Ms. Rosa Simon, of Cuban heritage, continues on the Board as a Director.  She has stepped down as an Officer.  With great pleasure, we announce that Ms. Simon has been offered a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue graduate studies at University.   She has been a full Presidential Scholar in her studies of history and philosophy.   Ms. Simon keeps a keen eye on current events.   Every member of the Board is a sensitive, activated and aware person, and we are filled with gratitude and awe to be such people.   Officer positions are being aligned.

     As Communications Liaison, we announce the appointment of Ms. Annette Neysmith, a financial and business consultant.   Ms. Neysmith has been most helpful in our continuing communication with our Ghanaian affiliate, the Mothers Social Club.

     Ms. Atim Annette Oton is the Achee architect.   Ms. Maciel de Castro is the Achee travel agent.  Ms. Jolene Wu is the Achee web designer and host.   She is also one of our editors.
     Achee's new web site, designed and hosted by Ms. Jolene Wu, is due up July 12, 2002.  Our original site, with WebMistress Bonnie Rum and hosted by eLeaders, was lost by eLeaders when that company merged with another organization.    After much searching, Achee selected Bruce Chamoff as web master, and his organization, HotWebIdeas as host.  It took from six to eight months for this switch from eLeaders to be made as people from eLeaders were unavailable to approve the transfer, according to Mr. Chamoff, a requirement by Network Solutions, now known as Verisign.   After seeing the new site, which was lovely, Achee decided to again change web hosts and designers.  We are now being hosted and designed by Ms. Wu, and her organization, BUSINESSandCULTURE.com.  We look forward to a magnificent Site designed and hosted by a magnificent person.  Look to funding created through auctions, as with James Wintner of Benefit Events, who me met through Ms. Oton, as well as donation-capability on our Site.  We also have photos and pictures on the site.  We thank everyone for their work, patience and contribution to Achee.  Please visit us!  We can be reached at www.achee.org. 

    Achee's first brochure is being designed by Ms. Andrea von Bujdoss, who is finetuning our logo and jewelry designs.   We plan to have a line of pretty cotton cap-sleeved shirts and dresses, as well as T-shirts and T-dresses, all to be marketed on our web site, at Achee Activities, and in other venues.   

     Our Manifesting Visions Dinners continued, with such speakers and topics as

* Karmen Spiegel, Co-Founder/President, Turiya Foundation, "Children of the Andes and Compasion in Fashion";
* Pamela Kraft, Executive Director, Tribal Link Foundation, "How to Be Effective in the World and Incorporate the Vital Message of Indigenous Peoples";
* Dr. Delois Blakely, President, New Futures Foundation, "Cultures of Peace in the World";
* Ryphon G. Gray, Founder/President, Forces in Nature, LLC, "21st Century Energy   Living -- Free of the Toxic Grid";
* Tapasvaji, Mantra Spiritual Healer, "Mantra Therapy" and demonstrations;
* Nancy Jakubowyc, Founder/President, Without Borders, "Building a School in the village of Ho, Ghana";
* Walt F. J. Goodridge, Author/Seminar Leader, "Turn Your Passion Into Profit," and
*Preston Johnson, Founder, "Prosperity World."

     Achee host seminars and fun/workshops at a modest fee, including:

* David Markowitz, Healer/Founder, "Kinergetic Pain Therapy," plus demonstrations, and
* Lloyd Strayhorn, Numerologist, Author, Media Personality, "Numbers and Romance" with readings.

     We are continuing our Seminars on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.   We welcome you to attend!   They are always enlightening, rewarding and fun.      

      Our augmented Achee Activities include creating our first three-week voyage to Benin and Ghana with 20-30 participants, slated for March 4-25, 2003.   We intend visiting Akim Anyinase, our adopted village in Ghana, as well as Accra, Ghana's capital, and participate with our Ghanaian NGO affiliate, The Mothers Social Club, in various activities enhancing the lives of women in Ghana.  We are also visiting Doissa at Savalou, in the Republic of Benin, site of the to-be-constructed 30-acre Achee Light Center, as well as journey to Cotonou, Porto Novo or Savalou to see Songhai, and enjoy the wonder of the floating village of Ganvie.   In Benin, everyone gets the opportunity to speak French.   The Beninois people often speak some English.   Mr. Pamphile Sossou, co-Founder/co-President of our NGO in Benin, Achee-Benin ONG, is a capable interpreter, as is Mr. Abdel Kader Toholin, Co-Founder/Secretary, Achee-Benin ONG, who is currently residing in Paris.    

     This is an ecological journey, where we expect to camp on the Achee terrain, as well as stay with the villagers at Doissa, Akim Anyinase, Ganvie, and elsewhere.  This affords travelers the opportunity to taste true African life, and creates benefits for the Ghanaians and Beninois.  The Bureau of our NGO affiliate in Benin, Achee-Benin ONG, and the Board of the Mothers Social Club are helping facilitate this journey.  The proceeds of the journey go mainly to the people and projects in Ghana and Benin, as well as to Achee Activities in New York.   Everyone wins.   

     To celebrate the changing decade birthday of Achee's Co-Founder/Chair, we are having an Audre-y Birthday/Achee Fun(d)ing Party on July 12th, with everyone contributing a vegetarian dish and their own beauty of being.  Opportunities are being presented for celebrants to join Achee via our Spirals of Participation.  DJ Neva of Music for the Masses is spinning.   Emperor Adichie, acclaimed musician from Nigeria, is singing; James Cannings, reggae musician, is playing "Dr." Don Jacobs is providing the sound system.  Expect more musical and other wonderful surprises.

       Look to many musical events, in alignment with our Mission, to occur this coming year.   These include Aug. 14th Achee Night at the Campo Center for the Arts, hosted by DJ Neva and "Dr." Don.   

      Our media presence continues with "Aurora Borealis & Achee With Audre-y," live in Manhattan on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm, on Channel 56 on TimeWarner/ AOLTV, and Channels 88/108 on RCN.   See us on the World Wide Web by logging on to MNN.org, and clicking Ch 56 at the simultaneous time with our actual cable-casting, voila!  There we are.  MIME technology may be required.

     Fund raising and grant writing is commencing.   Ms. Marie Spiller, a grant writer, and Ms. Elizabeth Mayors of Fund Developing Consulting have both agreed to look over our proposals after we have written them.   Our membership and/or participation with the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee (NPCC), Progress Inc., Nonprofit Alliance and other organizations continue.

     Ms. Nathalie de Chacus, First Vice President of Achee-Benin ONG, visited the U.S. for the first time for a business conference in Florida.   The Achee Chair was thrilled and gratified to be able to visit with her for a couple of days in Orlando, showing her some local sights.   We welcome all our friends from Africa visiting the U.S.  

    There are plans for Mr. Theodule Hounsa, Achee-Benin ONG Third Vice President, to be visiting the U.S. for a business conference in Chicago.

     We are also pleased and proud to announce our new friendship with Benin organization Autrevie, with Executive Director, Romuald F. Djivoessoun.  This organization works to eradicate poverty for women, children, and men.
    We thank and acknowledge Audre-y's coaches, Ms. Gina Rizzolo and Mr. Andrew Polanski.  Ms. Rizzolo has stepped down as coach.  We are thrilled that Mr. Polanski continues.  We thank all our friends and alliances in Africa and everywhere.   

     Achee looks to a year of amazing growth and blessings.   We intend an enhanced interactive web site.   We intend fund-raising and grant fulfillment.   We intend growth in Membership.   We intend two additional Board members.    We intend the Achee property having a fence around the perimeter, a well, and a lake.   We intend cooperation on the school in Akim Anyinase.   We intend miracles, as we delightedly live them.  You are welcome to join us.  Let us create a beautiful world for all of us.   

Copyright 2002: Achee Light Center
Written by: Audre-y Arbe

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