International Peace Day Vigil
Sept 21st  Globally!

In New York at Central Park's Bandshell 72d St

Sunday, September 21, 2003

11 am - 7 pm


"To encourage the observation of a worldwide, 24-hour vigil for peace and nonviolence on the International Day of Peace, Sunday, 21 September 2003 in every house of  worship and place of spiritual practice, by all religious and spiritually based groups and individuals, and by all men, women and children who seek peace in the world."


This is an invitation to participate in a global meditation vigil in support of all
initiatives towards the creation of a culture of peace and right relations.  Last year, for the first time ever, vigils of meditation, prayer and spiritual practice were held all over the world to mark the International Day of Peace.   Speakers from all over the world and many paths will share their prayers, visions, energy, wisdom.   Music, events, discussion groups, you!!!!

     As part of this focus Intuition in Service and the UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative co-ordinated an international vigil covering the 24-hour period of the Day in GMT.   You are invited to take part in the second Global Vigil of Meditation and
Prayer for International Day of Peace. The Vigil will be held from 00:00 GMT to 24:00 GMT on Sunday Sept 21st. You and your friends and associated groups are invited to register now for 15-minute periods, using the Great Invocation, ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ or any another peace prayer of your choice on the quarter hour.  This second Global Vigil is a contribution to the wider network of local Vigils being co-ordinated by the International Day of Peace Vigil Group ( .

You can register on the web; see who will be linking in for each GMT time slot; and find all the information you will need about this Meditation Vigil. You can also register by sending an email to: .  When registering please be sure to state your name; your country; the times you will be participating [in your local time zone and in GMT].

     Please do consider taking part in this global Vigil to help to create the mental and spiritual atmosphere that will be conducive to the creation of a culture of peace and right relations.


Peace, Passion, Possibility, Prosperity
By Audrye  (Audre-y S. Arbe)

Greetings.  Peace is the energy and place from which great creativity flows, the space from which genius can awaken and birth wonders on our beautiful Earth.   Though necessity also can be the mother of invention, why wait for duress?  In any case, it is easy to see that from various perspectives, we humans are in a place of necessity.   It is incumbent on us, individually and collectively, to touch that place of peace that exists eternally within us, and live from that place.   As we dwell in inner peace, we can more easily see and touch what this world is and can be.   This awakens passion, possibility and prosperity.  At this juncture on Earth, we are in process of creating new personal and global paradigms, of which peace figures very prominently, whatever may appear to be in front of our eyes and senses.   This is the time of transition.  We are the pioneers, the initiators, the avatars, planting peace pods for our Earth and human garden.    We are the living seeds.    

     Possibilities awaken, becoming alive and real, every second of existence.   In the inner self, vision is enhanced, and passion for life grows stronger.   The mix of peace, possibility and passion with seeing what is good for people and planet engenders vision or being a prophet, leading also to prosperity.   When one is guided to be, do and have experiences and projects for the highest good of the self, everyone concerned and the universe, and embarks on creating and fulfilling them, energy and financial profit accrue.   Peace with passion is profitable.   It may take courage, persistence and positivity.  It may involve refurbishing thoughts, belief system, experiences and knowledge of what is possible.  Take the steps, and doors open.

      To live in any other way, including what is sometimes call dealing with reality, can actually be limiting, creating more frustration, ennui and dis-ease than the challenge of creating something that may be new for whatever culture and situation anyone is in.   It takes being centered to be at peace within when there are external situations, people, issues that are tumultuous and divisive.  It takes aligning with one's Higher Self and Expanded Energies, accessible to everyone.   As a species, we are being called forth for this.  The way of separation, strictly ego-centered activity, coming from fear, greed or lack, is ineffective and hurtful to the individuals engaging in the behavior and the world in general.   That this may have become a sometime habit can indicate the amount of  imbalance on the planet.  

     Will we all on this planet ever be totally at peace?   This planet and this dimension is one of learning, a school, a playground, a gift, too.  Each individual is at a different place, moving at a different pace.  We can expedite out individual place and pace.  We each get to choose how we prefer to be, as well as notice where we are.  When or if we feel we're on a seesaw, we can enjoy the ride, and, if we choose, remove ourselves from the situation so we can get another perspective.   We take our own steps.  If we choose to retreat, this also can be of service.  When we have lemons, we can make lemonade.  When each and every one of us has created personal peace within ourselves, then, yes, Earth can be at peace.   Until then, some kind of conflict can likely exist, reflecting the inner turmoil of us inhabitants of this gorgeous orb.   Take the steps to peace now.   Avoid the rush later.   This opens the door for everyone else, and builds the base.   Each person's energy adds to the matrix of Earth's energy and biosphere.   We are all interactive with our environment.

      Rather than poke and rail at others who may be acting in a tumultuous fashion, see to yourself.   Notice, be alert, and send peace.  Create peace within.  From that place, with loving passion, open to unlimited possibility of miracles, go forth in the world, and live life.   Your very energy will be of service in shifting the matrix of the world.   You will be led by your own inner intuition about what to say, where to go, who to speak with, when to be silent, what groups to join, what actions to take, where to refrain, how to say what is in your heart so people hear and understand.  This is an ongoing adventure.   We are all learning and evolving with this.   Peace is hip, in, fashionable.   See it as such.   See it as feminine, masculine, whatever lights you up.

     Is there a time to stand and be counted, to object to what appears cruel and unjust?   Yes, of course!   Do this with passion, peace and possibility!!!   If any of us do it with rancor and judgment, sometimes easy to fall into, then this energy can contaminate the goal sought.   Bring in laughter.   If something is hurtful, feel this, cry, be with it, and thereby release it.   There is no point in being false or inauthentic, which translates into being unreal.  It backfires.   Energy is whatever it is, and it can shift instantaneously.  There are universal rules for how energy manifests and for how matter works.   Nothing is lost.   Energy and matter take on new forms or vibrations.   We get to choose how to be in any situation and environment.  This is part of what free will is all about.   Will we be tested?  Yes.  At this time with Mars retrograde, closer to the Earth than it's been for over 50,000 years, and traveling with Uranus, especially, yes, as this is a crossroads for our species to select how we deal with anger, rage, aggression, life force, assertion, power, sex, passion.  We can uplift ourselves with unique actions.  

     What to do when anger presents itself?   Feel it, say what needs to be said, first to the wall or on a piece of paper.  Send love to yourself, and, as best we can, to the situation, object, subject of our anger.  Surround ourselves and this seeming other with Divine Light.  Also, at the wall, get the anger out of our system, so we can be clear what the anger is about.  Is it fully about what the issue appears to be, or is it also hooked into some unfinished situation from the past?   If rage appears, we can almost always be sure this is from a mixture of past incompletions, possibly hidden away, as well as the present situation that served as the trigger.  Breathe, breathe, breathe, slowly, easily, deeply, several times.   If you feel you must explode, go somewhere where you can do this safely without creating a conflagration with other beings.   This could be the bathroom, by a brook, a wall, wherever is appropriate for you.   If you find you have exploded in the midst of people, whether they are intimates or strangers, get rebalanced as soon as you can, and apologize for anything destructive you may have said or done, making effective amends in the moment, to the best of your abilities.  Schedule other activities that are required for the situation to be balanced.   It is fine to feel anger, so long as one is productive with it, understands it, transmutes it to love, and takes appropriate action.   Anger indicates something is out of balance and needs to be addressed.  Take a positive action to remedy the situation.   In the midst of all this, find the place within yourself that is always at peace in your inner heart.  Touch that, breathe it in, dwell in it.   Take your actions, speak your words, dance your life from this place of peace. 

      Being in a place of peace is very invigorating and youthening.   It gives energy to live.   It gives creativity.   It attracts people of harmonious energy into your life.   It births wonders.   It is also great fun!!!  It gives stillness as well as vigor.  There are many people and organizations committed to peace and transformation as a way of life.   Achee (Ah shayh') is one of them.

         Achee promote peace, transformation and sustainability by building Pockets of Peace, learning cultural centers and ecological sites.   A nonprofit 501 (c ) (3) organization, Achee has property in the Republic of Benin, West Africa, to build the Achee Light Center.  Our adopted Ghanaian village, Akim Anyinase, looks to us for support in building schools, herbal clinics and having sustainable clean energy.  This can be seen as a great adventure, answering the needs of people and planet, and being pioneers in creating a beautiful future.   We invite you to join us.   This means you!   We welcome members, volunteers, philanthropists, Board Directors, grant writers, funders, students, retirees, everyone.  We are planning our first Achee African Adventure to Ghana and Benin next June.  Join us!   For more information or a brochure, please call us at 212 243 3266 or 917 494 0628, or email us at    Visit us on the web at

     In this moment, close your eyes, open your heart and receive.  Ask and allow the Divine to fill you with peace and love.  This can enter you as sparkling energy and in whatever other special way it comes to you.  Place it in your heart as you also open to the peace already there.   Place yourself in this beauty.   Dwell here.  Emanate this to the world.  You are now a Peace Messenger.  Give thanks for this blessings.  Thank you for being the blessing you are.  Bless our Earth, the cosmos, everyone everywhere.  Thank you, and many blessings.

In Light,

Transformation Catalyst, Psychic Healer, Writer, Achee Co-Founder/Chair


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